Laughter Club

Margot Regele Margot Regele

Laugh to be free

Everybody can decide to laugh...

... and therefore also laugh for more relaxation, happiness, health, and zest for life. The body does not distinguish between real and artificial laughing, but shows the same results: for example the distribution of happiness hormones, stress reduction as well as the strenghtening of the immunity system.

Laughing does not only offer health benefits, but it also loosens patterns of thoughts. One gains distance to burdening things and one discovers more easily new perspectives and solutions.

Laughing brings easiness to life without losing the ability to mourn or being serious.

In the Laughter Club all interested have the opportunity to get to know and experience laughter yoga. No previous experience is necessary for participating in the laughing meetings. The only prerequisite is the willingness to laugh.

Bring along comfortable clothes, thick socks or soft shoes and a blanket.

Logo von Dr. Madan Kataria

Blooming Life
Cultivate the spirit of childlikeness
in spite of its tears and daily trials
it will bring your life to bloom
and will free yourself.

Tibetan Wisdom

Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen Lachende Menschen

World Laughter Day

What is it?

The WORLD's LAUGHTER Day was brought to life in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of the worlwide movement of laughter. The goal of that day is to draw attention to the healing power of laughter and to awaken the awareness that laughing and humour unite mankind and it therefore, contributes to world peace. For that reason millions of people have been meeting since 1998 always on the first sunday of may to show their solidarity and their efforts to reach worldpeace. We laugh without reasons - this method is very simple but nevertheless very profound.This is the purest form of laughter and an expression of love without reservation. If I can laugh for no reaseon or for any external situation without any conditions attached, my happiness does not depend anymore on others. I accept responsibility, my life is given easiness and therefore, I am strengthend. Laughter is a positive energy which provides us with health, happiness and good feeling, while the inner spirit of laughing helps to understand the deeper sense of life. Through hearty, intensive laughter we find our inner peace which will also bring about peace to the rest of the world.

Everybody is welcome...

Weltlachtag Weltlachtag Weltlachtag